World Net Summit 2020

Net Summit, technology event brings the leading experts in the IT, Innovation, FinTech and Banking industries together from all around the world to discuss the strategy on innovation before Covid-19, how did the Pandemic affect the way we were carrying out the plans?
What measures are being taken to conform to the current situation at the moment? And if we are planning to follow the previous strategy of the Post Pandemic period or we already have been working on a new one?

With Blanca Zutta – Technology & Marketing specialist at World Trade Organisation and Crypto Valley Association, we have discussed opportunities that this crisis could bring to the e-commerce sector in terms of innovation: the use of cryptocurrencies in e-commerce; improved supply chain through blockchain, but also the threats such as security and personal data protection.

Walter Trezek, Owner & Managing director at Document Exchange Network ​and Jan Hyttel, CEO at Joresco shared on changes in eCommerce in the EU – impact after 2021. While, Vladimir Abramytchev, Director at Sorbonne Economics spoke about response of the European eCommerce SMEs to Covid-19 downturn.

​Linas Dicpetris, CESA Government & Public Sector Leader at EY, shared his view on key government actions linked to Digital in dealing with COVID-19, Post COVID-19 policy implications using digital and overview of practices in the Eastern partner and other countries. On how to effectively and quickly transmit stimulus packages to the recipients, Ajay Rawal, Global Banking & Capital Markets Restructuring Leader at EY, shared his thoughts on the level of economic stimulus as % of GDP varies significantly across CESA (Central, Eastern, Southeastern Europe and Central Asia) and the influence of COVID from a financial perspective.