Blockchain 4 Impact

CVA took part in Blockchain 4 Impact, an event held at the United Nations in Geneva. Organized by the Geneva Macro Labs in partnership with the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations System , Diginex, JustJobs Network and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA), the aim was to encourage information exchange, debate and propose critical reflection on opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain technology in achieving SDGs.

Followed by the welcome note of Pierre Maudet, the attendees had the opportunity to assist to keynotes from Guido Buehler of SEBA Bank AG and Bertrand PEREZ of Libra Association, participate in various roundtables and learn from animated panel discussions.

GOAL has been attending  #Blockchain4Impact event, where met amazing panelists such as Blanca Zutta (Maurer) (WTO), Ralph Chami (IMF), Thomas Moser (SNB), Emilie Raffo (blockchain 4 Humanity), and Bertrand PEREZ (Libra Association). The panel was moderated by Paul Wang (Mt Pelerin). Panelists were speaking about development of the Blockchain technology around cryptocurrencies and the particular challenges this poses for the banking industry, international payment systems and monetary and financial stability. 

Thanks to the organizers: Renate G√ľnther,Marianne T. Schoerling, PhD, Ekkehard Ernst, for this opportunity and for the great organization!

Blanca Zutta (Maurer) – Technology, Marketing and Blockchain Strategist at World Trade Organisation 

Bertrand Perez – Managing Director and COO at Libra Association 

Leyla Baghirzade – Founder and President at GOAL, Global Oracle Association for Leaders